Lauren Snow
June 21st, 2014

It's Saturday!

Don't waste a singe minute!

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June 20th, 2014

Dream a little dream.

Lovely Thoughts

Happy Friday! Today it's all about dreams and never letting them go! If you dream of living by the ocean, never forget the way the breeze feels in your hair. If you dream of becoming a chef, I hope you whip up a really amazing meal tonight and share it with friends. If you dream of meeting your soulmate, they might be in the line at Starbucks, take a look around. And if you dream about spreading beauty and loveliness everywhere, start that blog! ;)

The more we focus on our dreams the closer we are to making them a reality! Dream on, lovelies! xo

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June 6th, 2014

What's a Google Helpout?

What's a Google Helpout?

In November, Google launched what they call a Google Helpout. Basically, a Helpout is a paid live video chat with experts in a variety of different categories. Need help with your cooking skills? Get Kitchit cooking lesson from a real chef in real time while you follow along. Need help learning how to sew? Visit Sewing On My Kitchen Table to have a live video tutorial scheduled. And what about learning how to contour your own face or how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup? Now, you can have a Google Helpout with me! Click here to visit my Helpout.

Brillant, right? This is the next generation of social interaction. Instead of watching a video tutorial on YouTube, we now have the option of getting an expert to guide us step-by-step via video chat. It's customized just for us! Google's idea of a Helpout is "real help from real people in real time". How cool is that?

What I really love about the Google Helpouts is that all Helpout experts must be vetted and approved by Google before a Helpout goes live. The Google team makes sure that the Helpouts are given by true experts in their category.

For my Google Helpout, I will be focusing on three topics:

  • How to highlight and contour the face
  • How to use eye makeup to allow your eyes to look larger
  • How to properly apply foundation

I have made the decision to make my first Google Helpout free for anyone that wants to sign up for one! If you would like to do a Helpout with me, please send me a request time on my Helpout page! Click here. 

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