Lauren Snow
July 11th, 2014

Big red!

Perfect red lips? Yes, please! There is nothing better than wearing red lipstick. The beauty of red lipstick is that everyone can wear it during any season! Here are a few of my tips that I always use to get the perfect red pout.

1. Hydrate: Make sure your lips are well hydrated. No cracking here!

2. Lip primer: I call this priming the pout! It extends the wear of your lipstick, it helps with feathering and bleeding. True story.  

3. Use a nude liner: Not only are nude liners great for helping your eyes appear larger, they can also be a great lip liner. Give it a try!

4. Invest in a lip brush: I feel that a lip brush always goes unnoticed. It can be a great makeup tool. It helps lipstick go on easily and evenly. Plus, it comes in handy when your favorite lipstick gets discontinued and you need every little bit left in that tube.

5. Use a shimmer: Loose shimmer shadows act great as a great highlighter for the bottom of your lip. Give a try!

I hope these quick tips help you the next time you decide to go red!


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