Lauren Snow
January 13th, 2014

The 12 Days of Mascara Recap.

The 12 Days of Mascara Tips

Okay, I'm just gonna say it... that was a lot of mascara! In case you haven't noticed I take mascara very, very seriously. And why shouldn't I? According to the average American women will spend $3,770 on mascara in her lifetime (that's more than eyeshadow & lipstick). If we're spending that much money it better be on something that gives us results, right? 

The beauty of living in this modern makeup world is there's so many great products at every price point. Gone are the days of paying a fortune to get a decent mascara. We have so many options! It's just a matter of trying them, finding out what works, then sharing the information. That was my goal with The 12 Days of Mascara! My greatest hope is that you NEVER buy another mascara that's a flat-out disappointment. Hopefully, these tips will help you the next time you're on the search for your perfect mascara.

1. You can never go wrong with Maybelline. Seriously. I'm a fan! For the price point and the results their macaras deliver. You can't go wrong! I purchased The Rocket & The Flasies (I didn't review Falsies on the blog), and was surprised by how good they are! 

 2. Brush up on your mascara (wands). All the rage right now in mascaras is the unique wands. I've found the more exotic the brush, the more claims the mascara makes of being the best. Be sure to do your research on what kind of wand the mascara has before you make a purchase. It does matter. You want one that actually works and not just looks cool. 

3.You don't always get what you pay for (sometimes you get more and sometimes you get less). True story. I think sometimes we forget the definintion of luxury and we automatically think that since something costs more it should automatically be better. A luxury item has extravagance. Meaning there are certain little things that just make you so darn happy.  It doesn't always mean it's the best as far as results. For example, I loved using my YSL Shocking mascara every morning because it smelled like rose water! Did it give me good results? Sure. Did it give over-the-top results that would help me justify spending $30 on a tube of mascara when Maybelline's The Rocket gave me great results at $5.99? No. Did I love waking-up each morning and smelling rose water to start my day? Of course! As consumers, it's really up to use to decide what's worth it to us and where we want to spend our money. Believe me, if YSL Shocking mascara didn't give good results, I would have toss it in my drawer of misfit makeup no matter how much I loved the smell!

4. Live a little, save a lot! ULTA and Walgreens are your friend. You can save so much money. Trust me. They always have a Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal going on with with makeup. It such a great way to try something new in the mass cosmetics department. Buy your favorite mascara and try something completely new for free! It's all about trial and error. 

5. Curl your lashes. I curled my lashes everyday while reviewing these 12 mascaras. It helps to determine if a mascara is good or not. If the mascara holds your lash curl as the day goes on, it's most likely a keeper! Try it!

Thanks again for reading! If you have a favorite mascara that you swear by, I'd love to know. You can message me on Facebook here, leave me a note below, or email me at I would love to try it!

p.s. - In case you're wondering, I didn't find a "perfect" mascara. Three of them came really close (Maybelline The Rocket, Benefit They're Real & Smashbox Full Exposure) and got 4 out of 5 snowflakes. Thus, my mission continues... I'll keep you posted!


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