Lauren Snow
February 10th, 2014

Office Beauty.

Work it! The business of beauty.

Happy Monday! Have we all had our coffee yet? Mondays are hard. Not only does Monday remind us of all the fun we had over the weekend, it also reminds us that we have a busy work week ahead of us. I am writing this post for all the gals that read my blog and need some tips on work beauty. I think the best makeup for a work environment is simple, sophisticated, and clean. Whether you work from home, out of your car as you travel all day, a small business, or a corporate setting, it's important to wear makeup that enhances your natural beauty without overwhelming your face. I put together 5 Tips For A Gorgeous Work Week -- things that would be perfect to stash at your desk or in your office and use when you need a quick beauty pick-me-up!

Tip #1. Concealer - don't leave home without it! Keep a extra one at your desk and touch-up as needed for a instant refresher. It helps!

Tip #2. Waterproof eyeliner - the last thing you want is raccoon eyes during a important meeting. Click here to see my post on how to further avoid looking like you got punched in the eyes at the end of the day.

Tip #3. Perfect nude lipstick - I think nude lips are classic. Especially if you have a meeting to lead or a big presentation to give. The last thing you want is for everyone's attention on your bright. bold lips and not on what you are saying. If you don't have a perfect nude lipstick, start your mission. Here is my personal favorite at the moment.

Tip #4 Cream blush - so easy to apply and a little color goes a long way! Plus, you will not get the, "Are you feeling okay?" question since you won't look so pale. Try this one here

Tip #5 Evian Mineral Water Spray - this is a must-have. It instantly hydrates the skin and revives your makeup. I have been a fan of the regular one for years, but I am happy this one is available! Click here to buy. 

This should be a good week with Galentine's day on Thursday & Valentine's Day on Friday. Even though I'm already exhausted as I start this week, I am looking forward to all the love in the coming days!


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