Lauren Snow
April 10th, 2014

Brown-eyed girl.

Brown eyed girl.

Hi there! It's been a few weeks since I've written. To tell you the honest truth, I took a extended break to think about where I want my blog to go. I must confess, for a while there I was getting a bit caught up in the whole social media thing. I started to look at my Google Analytics way too much, made a hard decisions to turn down a beauty companies' offer to be one of their exclusive bloggers (mainly because I could only review their products), and started to feel a little stressed to continue to put out content that was Pin worthy.

I am so grateful I have ANY blog readers (aside from just my sisters)! I'm grateful for all the lovely messages and emails I get. I am so amazed that one of my tutorials has been Pinned 1100 times. But for some reason I kind of lost my way. I kept asking myself the same questions over and over: Is blogging worth it? Is anyone really reading this? Am I helping anyone? Do I still love this? My answers always came back to this... I love makeup. Period. I love everything about it. The history, the technique, the art, the creativity, the way it can transform. But most importantly, I love inspiring others to feel beautiful and try something different. That's the part I really love about blogging. Sharing everything I learned. I'm a real woman. I'm always learning. I'm always trying to be the best possible version of myself both inside and out. I believe every message, quote, and tutorial I've share on this blog... whole heartedly. And I hope you have too.

So... I'm back. For all the right reasons, to do what I love. Which is to share with you tips and techniques to help you look and feel your best.

This tutorial is for all my brown eyed babes out there. If you take away one thing from this tutorial, it would be to purchase a good gold eyeshadow (and to hug a blooger today). It will really help to make your brown eyes sparkle. Promise.


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