Lauren Snow
February 15th, 2013

Gals are gorgeous.

Beautiful: Galentine's Day is beautiful. I have been celebrating Galentine's Day for as long as I can remember with my sisters and friends in February (thank you Amy Poehler for finally giving it a name). It has always been a day set aside to celebrate our bond of friendship and sisterhood. We usually meet for brunch, dinner, or cocktails and laugh for hours as we recap the year before! Everything from job promotions to makeup is discussed!

Gorgeous: Gal pals are gorgeous. They are here to cheer us on, pick us up, and have our backs. Some of them we have known our entire lives, some we have met along the way, and some we briefly encountered yet felt like we were one in the same.

Makeup: On Galentine's Day we exchange a small gift with one another (since we no longer do it on birthdays or Christmas). I wanted to share with you some great beauty gift ideas that your besties will love! 

1. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose...$22.50. Details: This is one of my favorite lip treatments that feels good on and adds a hint of color!

2. Chanel Nail Polish in Infidele...$27. Details: I love that Chanel has special edition colors! It makes getting this polish so special knowing only a few will be sold.

3. Trish McEvoy Define & Shine Nude Lip Collection...$32. Details: Love the price point for this set! How many of us are always looking for the perfect nude lipcolor?

4. Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty...$30. Details: By far, one of my favorite products. I've used it on my cheeks and lips when I was in a pinch and needed some color!

5. Rebecca Minkoff Mani/Pedi Pouch...$55. Details: How cute is this? Great to store all your Chanel special edition nail polishes!

6. Flapperdoodle notecards & illustration...Etsy. Details: Kate Gabrielle is the owner of the Etsy shop Flapperdoodle. She creates all of these cute and original illustrations (BFF best friend art print & Audrey Hepburn notecards above). Adorable! I ordered the notecards to gift!

Kate, perhaps Galentine's Day cards next year?

Do something lovely: Plan your own lovely Galentine's Day (if you don't already have a date on the calendar). It's so fun to recap the previous year and talk about what the future holds!

Special thanks to the gals that have: made me laugh, cheered me up, showed up, promoted me, wiped my tears, held my hand, taught me how-to swaddle a baby, told me not to get bangs, let me put makeup on them, believed in me, bought another round, watched Twilight with me, inspired my education, and have read this blog! Love you all!

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