Lauren Snow
December 16th, 2013

Day 4: Maybelline The Rocket

Day 4: Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

A couple of weeks ago, my fellow beauty blogger JJ Cowan (Secrets From Your Girlfriend) reviewed this mascara on her blog and gave it glowing reviews. I told her that I would give it a try! So I was really excited to buy it at Target for only $5.99 (JJ, this one's for you!)

You and I both know how expensive makeup can be. For the record, I will say that I don't always agree that just because you shell out a ton of money on something always makes it better. Although, when it comes to eye makeup (especially mascara), I'm always a bit leary of using less expensive brands because I'm afraid of the lesser quality ingredients used (there is a story here for another day) may have a reaction on my eyes.

That wasn't the case here! I was so impressed with this mascara! Maybelline The Rocket is a major dupe for Benefit They're Mascara (JJ, you're right!). Out of all the mascaras I've reviewed on my blog so far, this is the only one I felt truly volumized my lashes. I would say that if you are a more skilled mascara gal, you will love this one out of the gate. If you are not very comfortable applying mascara, you may have to give it a second chance after the first attempt at using it. The only major issue with The Rocket is it doesn't dry fast enough, you may get product transfer on you eyelids and under eye area as soon as you put it on. If you can look past that (of course you can for $5.99!), you will love this one as much as I do!

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