Lauren Snow
November 26th, 2012

Bold is beautiful.

Beautiful: Bold is beautiful. There are certain times during the year that calls for bold makeup! The Holidays are the perfect time to try something daring that adds allure to your look. Last week, I got an instant message from Sarah in Las Vegas saying, "Hi Lauren, I want to try something new for a Christmas party, I'm only brave enough to try a new lip color, any suggestions?". I think about her question for a quick second then reply, "Oxblood!".  I can tell by the lapse in response time that she thought one of two things: 1.) What is Oxblood? or 2.) She didn't think that Oxblood would work for her. Turns out, Sarah was familiar with the Oxblood trend but didn't think she could really pull it off. After a few more messages back and forth, I assure her she can pull it off...beautifully!

Gorgeous: The word Oxblood doesn't sound gorgeous, does it? When I worked for L'Oreal, I learned about Oxblood while I was waiting for my return flight home from NYC. Earlier that day, I made the mistake of wearing these amazing boots (with a 4" stacked heel) while walking all around the city (forgot my extra pair of flats, of course!). I arrived at the airport after a long work day and my feet were killing me - not to mention my amazing boots were completely skuffed up. As I sat there, close to my terminal, waiting to board my delayed flight out of JFK, I noticed that a ton of business men were getting their shoes shined at A Shine & Co. stand. For whatever reason, I decided it would be a good idea to try to salvage my boots and potentially have an excuse to take-off my shoes so my numb toes could regain feeling again.

The gentleman that shined my shoes, quickly chatted me up. He spoke about the leather grain of my shoes, talked about what makes a good leather sole, and he taught me about the benefits of shoe polish. He told me that he loved Oxblood colored shoes because of the nostalgia and popularity from the 1920's. Not knowing what he meant, and very intrigued by our conversation, he proceeded to showed me what Oxblood colored shoe polish looked like. After seeing the shoe polish tin, it all made sense, I was familiar with the color but didn't realize that Oxblood was the proper name. I instantly had a flash back to the '90's and remembered those chocolate-berry colored Dr. Martens boots that I always loved on other people but never felt were quite my style.  I learned something new! On the flight back from NY, all I kept thinking about was how gorgeous Oxblood was and how happy I was that my boots were saved! 

Makeup: Here are some different ways to incorporate the Oxblood trend into your makeup look this Holiday season! Expert tip: just remember to keep all other makeup simple and fresh to not compete with the Oxblood color. Less is always more!

1. Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry...$20. Details: This lip stain goes on very smooth and is long-lasting. It's comfortable to wear and not drying. Great to keep in your handbag!  

2. Nars Nail Polish in Jungle Red...$18. Details: Long-lasting and super glossy! It has a chip-resistant finish with UV protection to prevent discoloration. Pretty tough!

3. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Blackberry...$24. Details: Enriched with vitamins E and C this is a super creamy lipstick that is true to color. Oxblood perfection!

4. Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Icon...$28. Details: Love this gloss! It is very high-shine and the color is rich in pigment. Does not contain any parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes or phthalates. Beautiful deep ruby red!

5. Make Up For Ever Powder Blush #131...$20. Details: High pigment, long lasting, silky sheen powder blush in a dark red / deep burgundy color. So gorgeous!

Expert tip: If you find that the Oxblood lip color is a tad too dark for you, try to layer the Oxblood color lipstick over a true red colored lipstick or stain. This will help to brighten and add some depth and dimension that looks stunning!

Do something lovely: Next time you are waiting on your delayed flight at an airport, get your lovely leather shoes shined! It's a really neat experience that men have been doing for ages! It's really interesting to learn about this lost art form and to be reminiscent of a bygone era! 

Special thanks to Sarah for inspiring this blog post. It was nice to be reminded of my conversation with the gentleman from A Shine & Co. who saved my Chloe boots from destruction and taught me about Oxblood. Sarah has promised me (I made her swear on my Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces book) that she will be bold and try wearing Oxblood colored lips to her Holiday party!

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