Lauren Snow
December 4th, 2012

Reality is beautiful.

Beautiful: Reality is beautiful. I know what you're she serious? Yes, I am. I'll tell you exactly why. There is something truly freeing about getting to point in your life when you accept all of the things about yourself that make you uniquely beautiful. It's your reality. Here's my reality checklist:

1.) I will never be able to pull off a nude lip color (I've tried a million times...I just look so awkward). Instead, I have found that a more pink-brown color works for me. It's my version of a nude lip!

2.) I will never be able to pull off a smokey eye look. I love the look on so many people but just not on me (gray & black eye shadow just make me look like I need to catch up on sleep). Instead, I customize the look by using shades of brown. Who said browns can't be used to create a smokey eye look?

3.) I will never (ever) be as tall or thin as Gwyneth Paltrow (even if I ate one cracker and drank one glass of lemon-water everyday for a month, it would never happen). Instead, I own what I have and thank my body everyday for giving me my two greatest gifts...Dean & Dylan.

4.) I will always have a ton of hair (seriously, ask my stylist Kameron, she has to thin it out every couple of weeks). I have embraced it and I'm currently growing out my hair for Locks of Love (10 inches here I come!).

Whatever your list looks like, I hope you own it and know that your reality is beautiful!

Gorgeous: As you can imagine, I have met so many gorgeous people working in the beauty industry. Models, clients, photographers, stylists, aestheticians, other makeup artists, the list goes on and on. At one point, you start to realize that everyone wants the same feel gorgeous and beautiful. I once had a conversation with one of my clients, who literally is as tall and thin as Gwyneth Paltrow, she told me that she always wished she was petite and had more curves. We laughed when I told her about my reality checklist (see above). This conversation brought me to the point I'm at now. Which is, own what you have, love what you got, and do what makes you happy! The "gorgeous" will always follow!

Makeup: I thought it would be very fitting to review the new Khroma Beauty Collection by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian. The collection is available exclusively at ULTA and launched just in time for the Holidays. Diane emailed me before Black Friday to ask if I had tried the Khroma Beauty Collection and I hadn't. So, I decided to pick a few items from the almost sold-out collection to review. Diane - this is for you!

If you are a fan of the Kardashians, I think you will really enjoy Khroma Beauty. It's all the makeup looks that they wear at an affordable price point!

Pros: Affordable, easy to use, faux lashes are fun, blendable and highly pigmented eye shadows, mascara is volumizing

Cons: Limited colors, mainly golden tones, nude honey lip gloss is highly scented, mascara may flake, eyeliner is not soft, eye shadow applicator is not a good tool

Expert advice: Kim Kardashian's nude lip and smokey eyes are two of the most requested makeup looks that I hear. I think it's great that the Kardashian sisters have come out with easy-to-use products for their fans. Just know that this is fun makeup for the price point!

1. Khloe's Kardazzle Face Palette...$12.99. Details: This palette includes eight golden tone eye shadows (4 matte & 4 shimmer) and also includes cheek color, highlighter and bronzer. For the cost, I was pleasantly surprised that the shadows blended fairly easy and the colors were pigmented. The shadows seemed to last. The bronzer may be a little light for some skintones.

2. Stroke of Midnight Faux Lash Look Extra Volume Mascara...$9.99. Details: This is a volumizing mascara that did the trick. It did tend to flake a bit as the day wore on. Overall it was good.

3. Lash Dash Faux Lashes - Gaze...$6.49. Details: The faux eyelashes may look a little over-the-top, but they actually look pretty on! I would consider these as a less expensive version of MAC faux lashes. I would note that the base of the faux lashes it very thick. If you are not that experienced with applying faux lashes, it may take you some time to use eyeliner to cover up the glue at the base of your eye lid.

4. Nude Lip Set Au Naturel...$14.99. Details: This 3-step set has a dual sided pencil that has a nude lipliner on one end and a nude lipstick on the other end. Add the honey flavored nude gloss over it to complete the look. Overall, I felt that it was just okay. If you do not like scents, I would advise not to try this product since the honey flavor is layered over a strong lipgloss scent.

5. SheBang Eye Transformation Kit...$14.99. Details: This kit contains a shimmering eye palette, faux lashes (with glue), eye shadow applicator, and black kohl eye liner. The shadows go on smoothly and blend well. It was nice that a eye shadow applicator is included but is not the best tool for applying shadows. The smudge-free eyeliner did not last very long and could have been a bit softer. The lashes in this kit are super fun!

* all images from and picture of the Kardashian sisters from

Do something lovely: It's time for a lovely reality check! Ask someone who is close to you what they love most about you. I will guarantee it will be things that are on your reality checklist. Isn't it the greatest gift when someone loves you for the real you?

Special thanks to Julie who has been my real friend since I was 19. She always jokes that she's going to pitch the idea to the networks that my sisters and I should have our own reality show. She claims we're hysterical to watch and she'd tune in! I guess that would make her the aborable BFF that makes cameo appearances, right?

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