LAUREN SNOW: Sandra, thanks!! I always do my makeup first and then I style my hair (when I have time). As I was using my dry shampoo, I thought it would be a fun post. (January 31 2014, 04:13PM)

LAUREN SNOW: Heather, thank you so much. I feel like I know you too even though we have never met (at least not yet)! ;) (January 31 2014, 04:11PM)

Sandra Thomas: You even look beautiful with rollers in your hair! How?!? (January 30 2014, 08:45PM)

Heather Roberts: Dear Lauren - I love your blog. You are so gorgeous! I feel like I know you and can relate to so many of your post. I look forward to reading each week. (January 30 2014, 07:21PM)

LAUREN SNOW: Yay, Vanessa for leaving a comment! love it! I am going to try the Herbal Essences one too! xx (January 29 2014, 02:10PM)

LAUREN SNOW: Hi Samantha - Thanks! This was a fun blog post. This is actually me starting my day last Wednesday, roller and all! Let me know how your search for a dry shampoo goes! (January 29 2014, 02:08PM)

Vanessa: Psssst and TIGI Rockaholic are my faves! Also, I just tried the new one from Herbal Essences it it smells so good! (January 29 2014, 09:34AM)

Samantha: This is great! Thanks for sharing. I've heard of dry shampoo, but have never actually tried it. BTW Nice rollers. Adorable pic! ;) (January 29 2014, 08:17AM)