Carol: Hello Lauren, i adore you and your blog. i'm hoping to see more tutorials from you. many thanks! (January 10 2016, 01:21PM)

Jenna: Lauren - I need you to post another tutorial! I'm dying for more. Yours are seriously the best! (November 10 2015, 11:09PM)

Silvia: Saw this over on Pinterest. You have so many great tips. Thank you!! (May 28 2015, 01:35PM)

Cameron: so I went out and purcahsed this shade - love it! Thank you for the rec! You are flawless Lauren (May 22 2015, 12:21AM)

Roxy: So this is the way all those Hollywood celebs make their lips look full?! Great secret! (April 07 2015, 02:15PM)

hope: The Shade #1 lipstick in Japonesque is 50 percent off at Ulta through 21 days of Beauty ! Steal at $10 (March 24 2015, 11:37PM)

Stephanie: Hottie (March 21 2015, 11:47PM)

Jessica: This is perfect. I always wonder how to do this. Thank you for sharing. Great lipstick color on you. (March 20 2015, 09:54PM)

Tamara: I'm going to have to try this! SO sexy! (March 20 2015, 08:44AM)

Laura: Love this tutorial! You look gorgeous BTzw (March 20 2015, 04:01AM)