cindy: I was about 32 and I played the friendly neighbor game and had asked my neighbor to give me a spiral perm. I sat down at her table and she grabbed the back of my very long hair and cut it up to my head. I was sick. Come to find out the other neighbor who I thought were friends had dared herto cut my hair off. These woman were 54 and 26 at that time. Why are woman so jealous of long hair? I am now 54 and my hair is almost to my butt. I wear it with pride and I look good. Just because other woman want short hair cuts dont mean we all do. I also have a Jeep wrangler and take the top down and let my hair get all natty. I enjoy life and my freedom. I no longer talk to any neighbor and they bully all the time. I am sorry, but woman want you to cut your hair cause they are jealous. (January 20 2016, 08:39PM)

Catherine: The color is perfect! (April 15 2015, 05:10PM)

Melissa: Love your hair this length. So pretty! (March 17 2015, 12:37AM)