Rhonda: Beautiful girl and great blog! Saw you on Pinterest! (October 07 2014, 09:38PM)

Joann: Lauren - this is such great advice! I love this blog because your tips are easy to follow and seem very wearable. Thank you for helping so many of us clueless girls. You are my favorite beauty blogger! (September 30 2014, 03:45PM)

Margot: I meant "sell" your own makeup line! haha (September 24 2014, 12:46PM)

Margot: Lauren, can you please see your own makeup line. I would buy it! Love your tips. (September 24 2014, 12:45PM)

Lindsay: Gorgeous!!! (September 23 2014, 08:36PM)

Sara: This is such a pretty yet bold look. Seems completely doable even for someone like me who hardly ever wears makeup. Happy Autumn! (September 23 2014, 05:08PM)

Ashlee : Need to Pin this is a NY minute! ;=) (September 23 2014, 04:10PM)

Rachel: Love this Lauren. The candy corn color example is such a cute visual! (September 23 2014, 03:58PM)