Ashlee: Great shoe! Where from? Do tell. (June 03 2014, 03:00PM)

Taylor: I purchased the spray-on at ULTA this weekend and I'm hooked. Thx! (June 02 2014, 06:50PM)

Cindy : Cute shoes! Would love to see your closet! Love your posts -- they are always so witty! (June 01 2014, 10:16PM)

Drea: Who wear short skirts? Lauren wears short skirts! Brilliant, my friend. (May 31 2014, 06:59PM)

Nancy: This is hot! Someone call Sally Hansen!!!! ;) (May 31 2014, 05:16PM)

Teresa: Hi Lauren: I saw you on Pinterest and started following your blog. I've learned all sorts of good stuff! Thank you. (May 31 2014, 03:14PM)

Julia: Happy Sunmer, Lauren! This is fab! I\'m gonna grab Sally at Walgreens today. Thanks for the tips. (May 31 2014, 09:50AM)

Rebecca: Just clicked over from FB. LOVE this post. I've been wondering if this stuff really works. Thanks you sharing. Your gams look great! (May 31 2014, 08:34AM)